Hey, I'm Taylor Peebles.

I grew up in Philadelphia, PA and I graduated from the FIRST degree granting HBCU, Lincoln University of PA. I earned my bachelor’s degree in Health Science and aspired to be a physical therapist. Then, once the pandemic hit I figured this was the perfect time to start my business. I have always had the passion to start my own business and positively impact the lives of others. My original plan was to go straight to graduate school but then life said “nope!” I ended up completing an esthetician program while waiting. As I am continuing to grow, I am learning things don’t always happen as you expect. If that was the case I would be somebody’s teacher or anesthesiologist right now! Having a health science background helps me to understand the importance of health and taking care of yourself inside and out.
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Sophomore year of college is when I grew my love and passion for natural hair. I was broke and couldn’t keep paying to get it done every 2 weeks. Since I was a child I have always had long, thick, beautiful hair. Everywhere I went I always got compliments on how pretty my hair was. Those compliments gave me the boost of confidence I needed to forget about my other insecurities. With that being said I want to be able to help other women get that same boost of confidence. I also received ignorant questions about being more than just black so I want to give women that empowerment that they don't need to be mixed with anything to have beautiful hair. However it comes out of your head naturally is just as beautiful as any wig or weave you can find. Rooted In Confidence LLC, formerly known as Janae Naturals, was established in June of 2020. Since then things have evolved and changed for the better. We started with 2 products and plan to continue to expand the collection. And one day you WILL see us in Target and other big retail stores. Our mission is to grow your confidence one strand at a time. We pride ourselves in excellent customer service and inspiring women to love themselves. We value our customers and want to pour nothing but positivity, education, and of course confidence into each and every customer.
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